ToolTalk – Superior SDL480 Drywall Panel Lifter

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The first tool that I found hard to handle alone… 40Kg!

It’s a Superior SDL480 drywall panel lifter… all the drywall panel lifter looks the same, I know similar tools in Summit Tools or KMS tools were sold somewhere around $200, but this one is at $300, I have no idea why it costs so much but this was the only choice I could get at the moment, for reasons… *sigh*

It’s the most expensive tool I’ve EVER got so far, yet I need it to install 4×10 drywalls on the ceiling and 4×12 on walls. The rental at Home Depot is around $40 taxed, when the work environment, productivities and after value are all taken into consideration, this is a better own than rent deal.

Anyway, when I saw there are some other panel lifters that, without any outstanding feature, are even more expensive, I felt much better… yet I still wish to know why they are so different in prices.

This one is still new in box with the packing straps. The guy who owns it happened to live 3 minutes from my house, he put it on a dolly and helped me move it into the car. The box had a lot of tears due to the shape and weight of the steel parts inside… doesn’t matter if all the parts are there.

When I got home, I found it’s too heavy for me to get it off the car! I struggled for 10 minutes or so dragging it out from the car to a heavy duty Harper dolly, but then I was not able to lift the dolly… I had to opened the package on the dolly and took them in piece by piece… quite a hassle!

Assemble is as simple as 1-2-3… 10 parts only, 15 minutes without manual… I save the manual in the sealed plastic bag for the next owner.

  1. Stick 3 wheels into the 3 ends of wheelbase, you can hardly go wrong on this. Then press a ring on the center leg so the other 2 legs may spread and lock.
  2. Hold the trunk up and put it on the wheelbase… this is heavy but you can hardly go wrong on this either since the operation wheel is on the top side. Then let the operation wheel and brake assembly slide out to its operation position.
  3. Put the panel support beam to the top of the trunk, I slightly greased it before putting it on, since this is a rotating part… then insert all 4 supporting rods into the beam. Green rods inserts vertical with hooks down and black rods inserts horizontally.

Then it’s done!

Operation is simple… crank it up and hold the brake when lowering it down, that’s all.

This tools is designed for idiot working alone… like me! People like you can hardly go wrong with it!!

I know this thing will help me get drywall up ceiling and upper wall, but now I’m gonna need to figure out how to get drywall up this thing… the hooks sure hang high there!

Anyway, crank it up to the top…

Shxt, didn’t expect 11ft to be like flying a kite… my stilts don’t get me that high…



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