ToolTalk – Stanley Folding Sawhorse

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This Stanley Folding Workbench (it’s imprinted as sawhorse, but equipped with a tabletop, so practically a workbendh) was tagged $15, but since it was SO… dirty, I took it as $10 with a consideration for my Makita tablesaw, which has been on the ground or some instant stool for quite some time. I think it would prefer a nice seat.

This workbench, seems to be the right size. Get it a wash and it turned out quite well… well abused by its previous owner. Of course all the original accessories, such as the plastic clamps, were gone, but that doesn’t bother at all if the tablesaw likes it.

However, the workbench stands 80cm and the tablesaw stands 27cm so it comes up to 107cm… seems a little under estimated its height! Still working well, but in comparison with the 3×6 tablesaw that can manage 4×8 sheets… I might need to have some alternatives for it.


2 回應 to “ToolTalk – Stanley Folding Sawhorse”

  1. can you still buy the stanley folding work bench?

    • I don’t think so. There were several folding workbenches over time cramming different functions on a single table top, but the plastic ones were always flimsy to practically work on even supported by metal frame (such as WORX workbench), so they didn’t last long.

      Steel folding structure with a wood top (such as B&D Workmate) is still much more reliable and long lasting for general home projects.


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