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I’ve already had Stanley panel carrier, and used it to handle 4×8 sheets in Taiwan several times. I like it but I can’t deal with the problems:

1. I need to lift the sheet up to insert the carrier into the bottom of the sheet, and lift the sheet up from a bending position.
2. Half of the world is blocked by the panel when I using it.

When I’m getting older, these problems are getting bigger. I was then attracted by Gorilla Gripper, something to solve the listed problems… yet it’s so expensive, 7 times the Stanley Panel carrier!!!

I saw it somewhere when I was looking for something else and I didn’t take it… because it’s tagged around $60!!! A week later when I decided that I should go get one since I normally work alone, I couldn’t remember where I saw it. It’s kind of weird that, you can’t find it in Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Canex or Rona… right, the Rona guy in building material told me that he never heard of it, and the guy in the customer support said they know Gorilla Grip, but don’t have it…

So I searched Gorilla Gripper and found that, in Canada, you need to go to Rona, Home Hardware or Lee Valley. I went to Lee Valley since I’ve been wanted to visit there for a very long time, but never actually got a chance. I have a very good impression on Lee Valley and I am sure I will spend a lot more time there.

Anyway, the Gorilla Gripper is something nice that, you don’t need to bend down to get the panel up and your sight is not blocked when using it, so it solves my problems.

Of course it doesn’t help me with the weight, I still need to be strong enough to carry the panel.

BTW, the only thing that it doesn’t compete Stanley Panel Carrier is lifting high. It’s easy for Stanley Panel Carrier to put panel on the sawhorse, but not the Gorilla Gripper… they got the Leg Up for tablesaw though.



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