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ChilliHouse was broken into by some neighbor living in the back apartments. One of the most important thing taken away was a tool box that I bought from VV.

It’s a cheap box at $5 after discount as I remember, but there were quite a lot of tools in the box, including all my adjustable wrenches. I need another toolbox… and at least a pair of adjustable wrenches.

This box is 21″, the largest one I’ve ever had, and it came with a lot of things in it, mostly were unused tapes and some hardwares, several tools… when you don’t use them, they are junks, otherwise they cost some fortune if you need to buy them. The box itself doesn’t cost more than $10 I think, but the adjustable wrench will cost me more than $10 to buy one. I paid $16 rather than $30 asked for it, and I’m happy with it.



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