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1,000W (500W + 500W) work light obtained at $25, regular price at almost all home centers is $40.

Work fine, yet wobble, good for DIYers or occasional workers, but will be a problem for professionals. I’ve added a hook, out of hanger wire, to hang its cable, and will find a shaft to stuff into the post so it won’t wobble or even disconnect when trying to lift it.


Taking this thing into a tight working space is simply a pain… doesn’t help but lower the productivities!!!

I took this thing into crawl space, dark but 500W should be enough because it’s really tight, and the stand won’t make any use there.

1. I took the rack off the stand, this is easy since it’s been wobble there all the time.
2. I need to take both light even if I need only one there, since they were tightly connected to a dispatch box.
3. The rack is extremely hard to handle due to the weight of the lights at both ends, and I was not able to fix them there tight, they simply kept shaking and wobbling around.
4. When I need the light to spot a direction, the light is always hampered by the cable connected with the other light.
5. My wrist was sore holding the rack, so I held the handle on one of the light instead… and it broke.

Back on the ground… I stared at this stupid $25 thing for a while and decided that we either need a change, or get it off to trash can.

Here’s the better alternative…

1. One go alone on a pot lid that I picked up back from trash can, I added a hook on it’s head later, aside the handle. It stands well and works excellent!!
2. The other stays on the stand, I got rid of the rack bar and added a piece of rubber in the tube so it holds well on top of the stand. I also added a double hook to hang its cable.

So that’s the story of my twin worklight… which ended up working separately, but much better than working together.



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