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In ToolTalk on 2011/02/07 by jasoneci 屬於此標籤:

FatMax 400, my first stud finder, purchased at $20 (50% from $40) for its famous brand Stanley since my foreseeable works ahead will include breaking a lot of walls and opening several floor entries to the crawl space.

However, this is pretty much a junk to me according to its performance in the last few days. My grumbles are like…

1. It keeps detecting AC when I am very sure there’s no power line nearby, and it even indicats an AC SPOT rather than an AC LINE!
2. It doesn’t see anything when I can clearly see 2 screws humps there, means a joint of drywalls.
3. It detects “a lot of" studs within the 16 inch space between 2 real studs I can easily identify by the screwed positions.

I tried to read the instructions over and over, but there’s obviously only one thing you can do since there’s only one button for you to push… hard to go wrong unless you land right on stud, and I don’t go wrong on that.

Right before I shot myself, I put a 2×4 behind a piece of drywall and do it again… then it talked…


I returned it this afternoon!

As you can see, I still need one there…

1. Any one who has used it and felt happy with it, please feel free to let me know, thanks for humiliating me!
2. Any one who has used anything else and felt happy with it, please feel free to let me know, thanks for your recommendation!


I exchanged a Stanley 250 stud finder at $27. When working on joists under floor, deep scan function still sounds more attractive.

Stanley 250 works way better than FatMax 400, but seems on drywall only. When moving to the beadboard wall, it goes nuts. I think it’s because the beadboard is too thin (about 1/8 inch).

Deep scan for joists? Inconsistent reading… it’s as blind as me!

I return it as well.

Not sure if I want to go for Zircom, but for now, I might want to follow the nail hump for a while.



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