ToolTalk – Porter Cable CMB15 Air Compressor

In ToolTalk on 2011/02/07 by jasoneci 屬於此標籤:

A memory for my hard day when Yaris got its first flat tire.

I got the crank and wrench from the tool case, but was not able to find neither the fxcking jack, nor the manual. I spent 20 minutes searching the whole car, and found it’s right under the driver’s seat covered by a black plastic cap. I was too lucky to remove the cap with just a pinch, then finally jack Yaris up for a tire change.

Canadian Tire said at least an hour’s waiting before they can take a look at my punched tire. I just went around the store and got myself a $6 tire patch tool set that’s good for 5 patches… I used to do it in Taiwan, but just couldn’t remember which box I put my patch tool into.

Brought the tire back home and got the patch done… piece of cake frankly, but a freaky 4 inch nail!? Inflation? I should got it to a gas station to inflate to 32PSI, but I have an air compressor, why shouldn’t I do it at home?

To be exactl, my air compressor hasn’t been initialized yet! It’s just out of the box, but the hose was not connected because I was not happy with this mini air compressor to be fixed for tire inflation purpose only. I prefer quick connector, as in pic, so I can change different pneumatic tools… you have no idea how many pneumatic tools I have.

So another 30 minutes looking for the quick connectors and put it on the machine. Still fail to find my quick connect hose, but as you can see, the short hose on the tire gun has been sufficient to get the tire inflated…

A shxt day with this cute little smiling air compressor… expect it to be noisy due to the small tank though!!



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