ToolTalk – DeWALT DW268 Screw Gun

In ToolTalk on 2011/02/07 by jasoneci 屬於此標籤:

DeWalt DW268 screw gun, a heavy duty VSR (variable speed reversable) VERSA-CLUTCH (taken from car I guess, means you need to push to engage the screw bit) screw driver. The lowest price I could find was 160 USD and 9,500 TWD (over 300 USD), the price in Canada? Take a guess… never a cheap stuff.

It’s practically brand new and its power plug shows it’s not originally sold in Canada. A brand new DeWalt screw gun sold at the price I paid surprised me… I could think of only one reason!

Some teens (if not one, I assume) from the apartment in the back broke into the ChilliHouse a couple of weeks ago and took away all my tools… they even took the toilet paper! I was told they will clean their loots via craiglist, so I guess my stuff will go on craiglist one by one as well.


If you happen to know anyone who lost his brand new DW268 screw gun in beginning of this month, feel free to let me know. I will not give away mine since I paid for it. But if he knows the password by correctly describing what’s the mark on this piece, then he will have a clue of who took it away from him.



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