ToolTalk – APW-HA-90P

In ToolTalk on 2011/02/07 by jasoneci 屬於此標籤:

Not sure where the design of this power washer was inspired from…

I am sure it’s something to do with sports car, beetle, body armor or firefly… it connects me to dodo bird somehow.

Anyway, it’s a 1500W 90PSI mini power washer, I put the screwdriver beside it so you know how cute it is… funny, I didn’t notice there’s a spirit level on the screwdriver?

It requires quick connector for water input, and I have 3 sets of quick connetor and accessories for different aqua equipments, quite a mess when putting them together, but I finally got it settled… for now.

The ChilliHouse demonstrates heavy use of this power washer, I sure hope it can survive!



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