Shower Head – the stupid handyman

In VV 購物狂 on 2011/01/07 by jasoneci

20110107 浴室蓮蓬頭 ($7 VV)



因為螺紋深度不和,會漏水。他用止洩帶去包,然後用力轉緊。當然沒用,而且接頭被轉裂開了… 所以才會有安裝的痕跡而沒有使用的痕跡



Got this shower head from VV this morning for 7CAD listed… very nice one, but never been used… interesting!!

A very quick and simple check back home… most likely this is a handyman’s masterpiece… the hose was fit the other way around!!

The end with a cone should be fit to the shower head and the other end with hex bolt should be on the hanger. This is common sense and you should know when you first put it on because:

  1. The shower head won’t sit on the hanger with the hex bolt fixed to it.
  2. The cone cannot seal the water because its thread is much longer than the hanger thread.

So it leaks!

Then this wise handyman took out the seal tape, which was not only useless but made it worse… the water is tighened by the rubber at the joints, not by the tape at the thread.
Then this wise handyman took out monkey wrench, which broke the plastic cone easily… he might think everything chrome shiny is metal.

He didn’t know he’s a bl00dy idiot, but he did knew the cone was broken… so the brand new shower head ended up in VV!!


Don’t trust a handyman

  1. He has all the tools, but not the common sense to fit a shower head!
  2. He can’t tell plastic from metal!


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