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20101121 Behringer X V-amp ($50 CL)

2010 年 VV 聖誕晚會表演前練樂隊時買的,第一次在 Craigslist 上買的東西,是個電吉他用的音效處理器,讓我的電吉他聽起來… 嗯,像電吉他。

玩得很開心,它幾乎有我所能想像得到的處理,例如 delay, reverb, echo, flanger, tremolo, pitch bend, phaser, chorus, wahwah 等不同的音效以及 modulation, tone control, noise gate and commpression 等不同的調變。所以一個小玩具,我就玩完了…

另外它也模擬了市面上一些有名音效處理器,例如 Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808 或 Metal Pedal RAT 等的效果。在 Youtube 上找到這些東西來比較它們發出來的聲音… 還真的有點像咧,我猜大概是因為它們用相同或類似晶片的關係吧。

當然它無法跟這些單顆價格就超過 $100 的音效處理器相比(至少價格就差了一大截),但比起我的吉他技術,它顯然已經超過太多了!


My first interaction with Craiglist… a 50$ Behringer X V-amp picked up on the way to Amber’s place, actually it’s about 4 minutes from Amber’s place.

Behringer X V-amp is a guitar modelling pre-amplifier… sounds deep, but is practically a collection of different guitar effects and simulation of guitar amplifiers in a box. 100 factory preset/modifiable combinations of these different effects and simulations come with this headphone jacked box. However, MP3 input seems to be missing… damn!

As a guitar beginner, I am looking for some typical and very basic effects for my second hand entry level Slammer guitar from VV. Compression/sustainer and fuzz/distortion were on the list… Boss CS-3 is at 60$, a nice Proco You-Dirty-RAT and Metal Pedal Screaming Whore ask for 100-120$. While my guitar was bought 65$ and the Univox u-30G amp was 28$, loud and clean with basic but good overdrive/presence/delay function, these effect pedals simply surfaced at wrong price ranges.

Then this thing came up to my taste with nice market reputation. Though came with nothing but power supply, there were hardly scratches and looks amazingly new. 50$ is not cheap as Behringer effects are all surprisingly lower priced, but a pre-study of it suggests that I won’t need any other pedal unless I am to go professional… which pretty much means go nuts, and the tests over the last couple of days confirmed this.

I love it!!

  • The amp simulations make it sound so different, as if the cheap Slammer is plugged into pro guitar amplifiers and cabinets with great modulation, tone control, noise gate and commpression. You can hardly imagine what can come out from my cheap Univox box!!
  • Nice FX functions including delay, reverb, echo, flanger, tremolo, pitch bend, phaser, chorus, wahwah… so now I have a lot more sense of how those great musicions worked it out.
  • Overdrive/distortion simulates even Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808 and Metal Pedal RAT… they are absolutely important cover up for lower skilled amateurs like me.

Of course it’s not as intuitive as the single function pedals, however, this is hardly important when I don’t go live, and it’s so flexible when you can mix so many different functions with just these knobs.

So in all, it boosts up my expectation on my cheap guitar and amp… For sound, it’s far better than expected; for short, I didn’t really know how I lived without it!



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