Music – Bass Effect – Behringer BLE100 & BEQ700

In 網路購物 on 2010/12/06 by jasoneci 屬於此標籤:

20101126 Behringer Bass pedals ($20 CL)

第二次在 Craigslist 上買的東西,也是 Behringer 的音效處理器,不過是給 Bass guitar 用的,每顆 10 塊大洋。

Behringer 是德國的處理器,很便宜,但效果很好,與名廠貨相比品質並不差… 至少你我的耳朵都聽不出來差在哪裡。


綠色的是 BLE100 Bass Limiter Enhancer 貝斯限制器,用來壓縮貝斯音量的動態範圍,能在蠻力彈奏時有效避免噪音。它與 Boss 的 LMB-3 相同,但 LMB-3 價格在台幣 3,000 上下。

黃色的是 BEQ700 Bass Graphic Equalizer,貝斯用的 7 段圖形等化器,用來微調高低音的對比,也就是一般音響上的 treble、mid range 與 bass 啦。對等的產品是價格也在台幣 3,000 上下 的 Boss GEB-7。

有了這些,我的 bass 技術會變得更好嗎?



My second shot on Craiglist, Behringer Bass Limiter Enhancer BLE100 and Behringer Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700, 2 toys for my bass guitar.

As mentioned on the Behringer X V-amp, Behringer pedals were all priced much lower than it’s competitors, I’m not expecting 30$ for them to be a great deal. However, in comparison with a pre-owned Boss pedal at 40-50, a least of blue money out of my poor pocket is very much appreciated… it’s a little sad that most of the musical equipment back in Taiwan were Roland though.

It’s fun fooling around with these little toys among different songs… I should have a review for them to share, but it can take more than a year making decision on which language to use, so forget it for now…

Perhaps I should start hunting for a Behringer Bass V-amp?



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